French and English courses without accommodation

The Académie also offers French and English language courses during the school holidays to school-aged students who are on vacation.There are both short and long term language courses.

Features include:

  • beginner, intermediate and advanced levels;
  • age-appropriate methods for successful learning;
  • emphasis on pronunciation, vocabulary, comprehension and grammar; 
  • interactive learning with up-to-date technology;
  • and preparation for exams.

Courses cover core language skills:

  • grammar;
  • phonetics and diction;
  • reading and writing;
  • conversation;
  • comprehension; and
  • listening skills.



Private lessons: 
Semi-private (2 students)*:
Three-student class:    
Four to eight-student class:

* For family duos CHF 45.00 per hour per person.

Price includes:

  • refreshment breaks;
  • course material and folder.

CHF 85.00 per hour
CHF 50.00 per hour
CHF 40.00 per hour
CHF 35.00 per hour

Fees are payable in advance. No enrolment fees. Books can be purchased at the Académie at cost price. No charge for support course material.

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